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Scenic balloon ride

Get ready for the best scenic hot air balloon ride over San Marcos, Texas
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Flying over the Hill Country and San Marcos river will be an experience you won’t want to miss out on!


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The Scenic balloon ride is our most popular flight as we offer very competitive pricing. The scenic flight is shared with other passengers. Depending on the amount of passengers for the day there could be hops, meaning when one balloon ride ends and the passengers get off the next group “hops” in. Also expect to be part of the crew! You are more than welcome to help with inflating the hot air balloon as well as helping us get everything packed up. It’s really fun!

We meet before sunrise in the heart of Hill Country, a couple of miles south of Austin in the beautiful city of San Marcos. We will then load into our chase vehicle and travel to one of a few different launch sites, depending on ideal wind conditions. The pilot and crew will begin inflating the hot air balloon; you’re welcome to help the crew or just sit back and take pictures. As the sun rises over the Texas Hill Country, you will be set aloft to cruise over the river and then up to enjoy some breath-taking scenic views of our wonderful city guided by where the wind takes us. Don’t forget your camera!  Upon landing, we’ll celebrate with the traditional champagne toast (sparkling juice for the kiddos) and a short explanation as to why, historically, pilots carry champagne. After the celebration, a crew will drive you back to your vehicle. 

Proudly providing hot air balloon rides for cities around the central Texas region.

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