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San Marcos Balloon Ride Tour Agency

The most unforgettable hot air balloon ride San Marcos has to offer.

Fun activity to do in San Marcos

This is a family friendly activity that is inviting to ages 1-99+. We believe that every person in this world should experience the flight in a hot air balloon. We serve each guest a glass of champagne to celebrate our journey after each flight and explain the history of hot air ballooning. We offer our hot air balloon ride at the San Marcos Regional Airport.

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5 reasons to go on a hot air balloon ride

Safer than skydiving with extra 4 parachutes

Spit challenge (who’s spit will hit the car below?)

Great way to bond with the family

“Online clout”

Incredible view of the city

The splendor of San Marcos’ hills, river, and city structure astound visitors who thought the only thing to do were the outlets. San Marcos, which is sandwiched in between San Antonio and Austin, provides fantastic opportunities to experience nature and the diverse community in-between two iconic Texas cities. Our passengers can both enjoy the beautiful views all year round, despite the cedar (we can sometimes see the greenish-yellow layer in the sky) that comes with it.

passenger reviews


    Local Passenger

    So much fun! Art was amazing and a great pilot. Everybody should do this at least one in their life. We had a great time and will definitely do again!

    Mauricio Melgar
      Mauricio Melgar

      Local Passenger

      Incredible experience! It took us almost a year to finally be able to fly since our initial scheduled flight, but it was worth the wait for proper flight conditions. The crew is all about safety and really did a great job on making us feel safe!

      Karissa Sullivan
        Karissa Sullivan

        Local Passenger

        My boys bought me this trip for my birthday. My daughter and I enjoyed the experience. Super great staff and amazing time. We will for sure do this again. ❤️

        Proudly providing hot air balloon rides for cities around the central Texas region.

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