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Balloon Safety

Safety Is our number one priority, we promise a very safe ride back home.

Safety during your hot air balloon ride is our top priority!

Inflation: Feel free to get as involved with the inflation as you’d like. Let the crew know that you’d like to help and follow their instructions.

1. Never wrap any lines around any part of your body or allow your feet to leave the ground while holding onto a balloon.

2. Please keep clear of the vehicle and trailer during the loading and unloading of equipment.

3. Keep Clear of Inflation Fans and Tie Off Lines. The balloon will be fully inflated with cold air first and then raised to the vertical with hot air from the burners. Stay away from the fans as they can suck in loose clothing, hair, and camera straps. Keep clear of Tie Off lines as they could be under extreme tension. If the balloon experiences a gust of wind, it could roll and pull the trailer around and trip you with the line.

4. No Smoking. The balloon is fueled with very flammable liquid propane. No smoking on the launch field, landing field, in the balloon, or in any chase vehicle.

5. An adult must be with any young children who are on the launch site as spectators – passengers are responsible for ensuring the behavior of spectators that accompany them.

Boarding: Once the balloon is heated and vertical you will be given instructions to board.
1. DO NOT grab onto ropes, fuel lines or other parts of the balloon as they may be damaged or it could endanger the flight if accidentally mishandled. Wind may cause the basket to rock and sway during boarding – this is normal and it will be like boarding a boat at a pier – wait for the basket to come to the vertical and smartly come aboard.

2. Do not allow your feet to be under the basket while waiting and do not place yourself between the tie off rope & basket or trailer. The crew will assist you – listen to their instructions.

During the Flight: Passengers should not lean over the side rail nor sit on the side rail. Please stay in the position that you were assigned unless you ask the pilot to be moved. The weight distribution matters. The balloon will be rotated during the flight to allow views in all directions. DO NOT throw or drop anything from the balloon.

Power Lines & Obstacles: While in flight, it is the pilot’s duty to see and avoid obstacles however; we request all passengers be observant for power lines, towers, and other hazards and point them out to the pilot. Chances are we have already seen them, but we like to have as many people looking as possible.

Landing: You will be asked to assume a landing position. The pilot will show you what to do and how to brace yourself before landing. Wind conditions may be such that the basket will touch down firmly, skip, bounce, drag, and then tip over while dragging along the ground. Place all personal belongings in your pockets or camera bag – do not try to film the landing as you need to hold on with both hands. Don’t leave heavy camera equipment around your neck or laying about – stow it properly to prevent damage to the equipment or injury to yourself and other passengers.
1. Crouch down, keeping your knees together, legs slightly bent and ready to absorb the landing.

2. Hold firmly onto a rope handle inside of the basket (not onto a control line rope, uprights, or fuel line).

3. Keep all parts of your body in the basket especially hands and arms. Keep in mind that even though you are standing still, you are a body in motion – when the basket touches the ground it will slow and you will keep moving in the direction of the flight – this is why brace for impact.

4. Stay in the basket and pay attention. Listen to the pilot, he will tell you when it is safe to disembark. The loss of your weight could cause the balloon to take off again or you could be run over by the basket as it continues to drag in a high wind landing.

Please let the crew or pilot know if you have any questions.

Proudly providing hot air balloon rides for cities around the central Texas region.

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