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Your Pilot

Art Moller

Art V. Moller

Art V. Moller

Owner & Pilot

Our Pilot, Art has returned home!

Originally from Texas, Art saw a hot air balloon for the first time at the age of 16 while digging a garden, and thought, “that would be a lot better job than this.” From that point forward he became fascinated and intrigued by the thought of one day flying his very own hot air balloon. Fast forward five years and he found himself in Albuquerque, walking across Balloon Fiesta Field in 1997, when he was asked by a pilot if he could give them a hand. After working with her for a week, Art fell in love with the sport and got a job as crew chief for a local ride company. After years of crewing and saving he bought a balloon and began gathering flight hours throughout the US and Canada, and finally received his commercial license in 2005. Once he received his commercial license he was able to start giving Albuquerque the best hot air balloon rides in the state! Now he has returned home to provide the same great experience to his fellow Texans. So far he has had the opportunity to fly in Mexico, US, Canada, and Eastern Europe.

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These adventures have given Art the experience needed to share his passion for the sport of hot air ballooning with others. Every single hot air balloon ride that he has had the pleasure of sharing with others has not only been a unique and memorable experience, but most of all fun. Art loves seeing the amazement and awe that is shared among his passengers when experiencing that first hot air balloon ride. That alone is one of the many reasons Art loves what he does, because he gets to share it with you.

“I cant wait to share a fun and exciting hot air balloon ride with you!”

Art Möller

The Team that makes the

Balloon ride tour agency possible

Jorge Luis Gutierrez Jr.

Jorge Luis Gutierrez Jr.

Lead Crew Chief

Sam Holbrook

Sam Holbrook

Crew Member

Jennifer Moller

Jennifer Moller


Crew Questions

Wonder how we communicate with each other to get you back home safely? Ask us a question and we’ll get right back at you!

Of course! Swing by and meet the team, we could always use an extra hand.

The tasks become difficult to manage when we land on very unknown territory. We can encounter cacti, barbed wire fences, and even armed land owners!

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Open Daily

We will fly according to the current weather conditions. Saftey first!

Proudly providing hot air balloon rides in the Austin area.

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